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It's Commission Time!

Prices are listed below.

Please answer the questions below, with as few words as possible. Requests with too much text will be put off until I have the energy to read them, which is probably never.

Example for how not to do it: "Her eyes are a delicate almond-shape, gleaming emerald green in hue, filled with deep, ageless sorrow".

Example of how it's best: "Green, sorrowful eyes.".

Commissions for gorgeous redheads with gem-coloured eyes and a toned-yet-curvy-feminine bodies are less welcome.

  1. What kind of art do you you want: Painting or 3D?
    I can't take painting commissions at the moment, apologies. 3D is still available.
  2. The character's full name and title?
  3. Gender, race, IC occupation? (noble, engineer, farmer, soldier, archaeologyst, doctor etc.)
  4. Appears to be at what age? (specific number in years, please).
  5. Build: Skinny, lean, medium, heavy-set, fat?
  6. Facial hair: Full beard, goatee, stubble, none? Please specify how kempt it is.
  7. Complexion: Clean, mottled, lined?
  8. Origin: Where from in Azeroth?
  9. Five words that best describe their personality?
  10. Style of dress: (posh, practical, leathers, revealing or conservative, clean or messy)
  11. Scars: Location, size, point of origin and end, what weapon caused them (be specific) and how long ago.
  12. Features: Hairband, earrings, freckles, eyepatch, anything not previously covered.
  13. Tweaks: Is some detail about the char is different to the game's model (special hair colour, they're especially gaunt and so on) please list it here. Simple things are free, complex things (like changing the shape of the body a lot) might cost a little more, depending on complexity.
  14. Location: Tower, cabin, outdoors? Please name a specific region in Wow, it changes the lighting.
  15. What are they doing? Posing for an official portrait, sitting casually, fighting, climbing, running, singing in a tavern with a tankard in the air?
  16. Desired expression: Happy, mellow, morose, angry, stern, sweet, murderous and so on?
  17. What feeling should the image communicate to the viewer? Horror, peace, regality, command, misery etc.?
Please also attach the following:
  1. A screenshot of the desired location.
  2. A closeup screenshot of the character's face in normal lighting (aka not, indoors, Darkshire or Moonglade)
  3. A link to your char in the desired gear in Wowhead's Dressing Room with all the gear you want them you wear in the picture.

Prices (via Pay Pal)

A single character with a simple background - 25 euro
Each additional character - 10 euro
Modifications on characters (body shape) - 10 euro
Complicated background (with more than 20 items in it) - 10 euro

The Process

  1. Contact me via email with the answers to the questions above.
  2. I'll ask you to send me half the payment upfront via Paypal.
  3. Once it's done, I get to work; I update you as I go along and fix it according to your will.
  4. Once it's done and you're happy, you send me the rest of the payment and I send you the final image.

How To Contact

You can drop me a line either in my email at (please make sure the subject says 'commission' or it might be lost as spam), or in my Deviant Art gallery.

Want to make sure that my style is what you want? You can see most of my art in my Deviant Art gallery.

The process can take anything between two days to three weeks. I update you as I go along. Unhappy with something in your painting? Please tell me. There's nothing as bumming as a painting which isn't what you really wanted, both for client and artist. Don't be shy, it's your money - and changing things is usually quite easy, especially on early stages.

Once done and paid, I'll send you the painting in both print and web resolution. Please don't use it for anything commercial without my permission, and I request that you credit me, with a link to my Deviant Art gallery, wherever you post it.

Thank you for flying The Grumpy Zeppelin, and we hope to see you again next year once we've mastered ground texturing.