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Kalandris Reborn

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Tiny's funeral, December 2010

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Selm's 2006 birthday greetings

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Kiddo's and Rosa's 2007 surprise birthday parties

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Song Of Blood And Dire

An event for two guilds, The Order Of Cavaliers and A Simple Troubadour - Monday, Jan. 15, 2007
(Cult, Erandel and Avlee's plot)

Cavaliers and Troubadours!

It is now confirmed: The Highborn, now calling themselves Blood Elves, have emerged from their hiding and allied with the Horde. In attempt to keep their powers at bay, the Alliance forces launce a search through the ancient Highborn cities, looking for anything that might be used against them.

Deep in Feralas lies the ruined city of Eldre'Thalas, commonly known as Dire Maul. Rumors of an ancient crystal named the Bane of the Highborn stir up the Alliance forces.

In these dire times, two parties join together in their attempts to form a stronger, firmer Alliance: The Explorers' Guild, keepers of history and lore, and Lord and Lady Alrees of Stormwind, heroes of the last war.

The Simple Troubadours, Azeroth's famous traveling minstrels, secretly serve the Explorers' League with spreading news and political tales, caring for morale and monitoring rumours; The Order of Cavaliers now aids the Lord and Lady Alrees with research and exploring, diplomacy and subtlety.

The joined forces of both guilds should be enough to launch a full-scale search through Eldre'Thalas, in hope to find the Bane of the Highborne, activate it, and learn what knowledge was stored in it!
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Sanctum in-character Karazhan run

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The Story of Gilligan Sway - September-October, 2007 (Rosa's plot)

Why does Rosa forget her nights? Why does she keep waking in Northshire, her surroundings covered with runes? And why is she now clad in shadow magic?

Changing bodies is a dangerous matter. According to Harla Peterson's research, doing so creates a connection between the two inhabiting souls; such was the case with Rosa and Garrion, which led to the redemption of poor Gilligan Sway.

Fifty years ago, in the sunny forest now known as Duskwood, lived a man named Kordan. Though a brute, he wooed the fair Gilligan Sway; they were wed, had three children - who died mysteriously, and their mother disappeared. Broken Kordan was wrapped in care for two weeks until spottend one night, laughing manically and carrying the mutilated corpse of a child to his burning barn. He was quickly trialed in Stormwind and sent to the gallows; his wife's corpse was never found, but his mockery indicated it was there in Stormwind, in their own "darkest and deepest".

Deep under the cathedral was the cage where Kordan was held; in it he carved runes, telling how he drowned his wife in Northshire. There, by the twin graves, Rosa found Gilligan's medallion, reeking of shadow magic, and there, by the water, the spirit of Gilligan appeared to tell her tale. Shadow magic was her attempt to protect her children, her love to which drove Kordan mad with jealousy; Her restless soul begged to be given the medallion back and reunited with her children, buried in Raven Hill. Upon doing so, she was redeemed and freed, as was Rosa; Gilligan Sway now rests with her children in a sancum eternal.

The Stormwind Library Charity Fashion Show - April 20th, 2007

April 20th, the Sanctum finally paid its rent to the Stormwind Library, in the form of a fashion show, which was a great sucess.
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The Silver Owl - April, 2007 (Avlee's plot)

Dwilight is approached by a mystery man who tells her that her purity is the only thing that can save the dying Elune, and brands her. While her soul leaks out the mystery man turns out to have been Garrion Oromir, the infamous mercenary, working for one The Silver Owl; Rosa sets on a quest to research this in Darnassus and comes back with startling answers: The Owl is Terathyl Ellenthirien, a priest who lost his mind over the death of his mate Ellunelia, made a deal with a demon and wishes to siphon her dead spirit into Dwilight.

The first confrontation with the Owl ends with a disaster as Mazarin is sucked into the void he creates. The Sanctum retrets, and Rosa cuts a (dubious) deal with Garrion, who submits all the Owl's secrets.

Pretending to be the lost Ellunelia, Dwilight confronts the Owl while the Sanctum stands by; a joined effort of all the present priests pulls Mazarin back from the nether, and while the Owl gives in to his demon, Dwilight lovingly puts him out of his misery and blissfully concludes the whole affair.
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Researching the Dark Portrals - June-August 2007 (Erandel's plot)

Gernath the mage feared death.

He served the Alliance loyally all his life, but as the years flew by he designed a plan to escape death. The nether held the key; an old elf called The Silver Owl discovered the death-prolonging qualities it possessed.

Gernath's plan of drawing power - and life - through the portals in Outland progressed well, until a group of meddlesome researchers found out about it. Wishing to throw them off his trail he hired some people just to scare them off, which led to his downfall.

Sanctum Eternal members found themselves threatened; kidnapped; assaulted, trapped, burned and more. Gernath's detailed files on each members, as well as the icy-eyed dwarf who worked for him, led the Watchers to him.

Commanding his final ritual, Gernath stood in Elwynn, drawing power from the nether. A group of Watchers distracted him there, while a second group sabotaged the runes he carved on the portals in Outland, one by one. As the final portal collapsed Gernath realized his dream would never come true; the price he was willing to have others pay for it was too high. Lost and defeated, he was execued by the Watchers, his body burnt and his plot, finally, undone.
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